Stamps, Coins, Silver Sycees, Banknotes

  Updated: 2011-12-10 Source: China Guardian  

The Stamps, Coins, Silver Sycees, Banknotes Department handles auctions that include stamps, coins, bronze mirrors, and bronzes vessels.

The China Guardian Stamps and Coins Department, established in 1996, is at the head of in the industry and has set many national and international auction records. The major spring and fall auctions have became veritable paradises for both Chinese and foreign philatelists. Furthermore, the Stamps and Coins Department also holds smaller auctions, designed for mid-range collectors and aficionados of stamps, ancient coins, and bronze mirrors, so all can take pleasure in collecting these rich pieces of history.

Stamps, Coins, Silver Sycees, Banknotes

Senior Specialist / General Manager - Guo Xueguang
Senior Manager - Ren Zhong
Manager - He Xin, Liu Jian, Chen Weiyu
Project Manager - Qiu Zheng, Liu Tianlang
Tel: 65182315 ext 6706

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