Rare Books, Rubbing & Manuscripts

  Updated: 2011-12-10 Source: China Guardian  

The Rare Books, Rubbing & Manuscripts Department handles categories of auctions including early books, Rubbings, Buddhist scripts, and prints.

China Guardian’s 1994 Fall Auction of Rare Books and Manuscripts was the first such auction on the mainland. Since then, numerous world records have been set by China Guardian Rare Books auctions. Collectors revel in the opportunity to travel back over a thousand years with the touch of a Tang classic, or to lose themselves in the rare Song and Yuan texts..

In the past ten years, China Guardian has also worked in concert with governmental bureaus to place major works in the collections of the China National Museum Library, the China National Library, and the Shanghai Museum. Works include Weng’s Collection of Rare Books, a copy of Zhu Zi’s Spring Rain, the Chu Shi Song, Qian Jingtan’s Collection of Letters and Correspondences among Ming Celebrities, and the Collection of Chen Chengzhong. Such cooperation has earned China Guardian praise and appreciation from numerous sources in society.

Rare Books, Rubbing & Manuscripts

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Manager - Ding Ling
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