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The Porcelain Department handles several categories of auctions, including porcelain, jade wares, zisha teapots, Buddhist figures and wines.

The department has held various special auctions and has set several national and international records in the process. In 2004, the first Buddhist Arts Sale was held, taking in 12.88 million RMB ($2.01 million) and earning China Guardian enthusiastic approval by important figures within the industry. In recent years, the Porcelain Department has not only gained accolades within the national industry, but also has earned its position in the international auction business world.

General Head / Deputy General Manager - David Yu
Senior Manager - Seow Swee Pang
Manager - Zhang Di, Pu Hongqi

Contemporary Jade Carvings
Head - Lei Ming

Rare Wines
Manager-Fan Yuyu

Project Manager-Yang Shu
Adviser-Fan Xuejing

Tel: 65182315 ext 6701

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