Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

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The Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department handles three categories of auctions -- ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy, modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy, and contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

The Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department is the most competitive business sector of China Guardian. It helps China Guardian keep a leading position in the auction industry in China. The modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy group is especially outstanding and has helped to create sales records for many notable modern Chinese artists. Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Auctions have been held since 1998 with a sincere effort in auctioning masterworks of established provenance. In 2005, a separate contemporary Chinese paintings and calligraphy category was added to China Guardian’s departments. In selecting contemporary art, China Guardian pays close attention to emotional, stylistic, and aesthetic aspects, as well as considering comments from professional art critics and buyers.

Since 1995, China Guardian has held special auctions or auction series’ for well-known collectors. For example: “Yang Yongde’s Collection of Qi Baishi’s Paintings”; “Masterworks of Fu Baoshi and Zhang Daqian’s Collection of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy”; “A Collection of Treasures – the Paintings of Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong, and Qi Baish”; and “Jingguan House’s Ju Collection of Zhang Daqian and Fu Baoshi’s Paintings”. These successful auctions have gained China Guardian the trust of collectors both locally and abroad.

Over the last decade, the global center of the Chinese painting and calligraphy trade has gradually moved to Beijing and sales records for masterworks from all historical periods have been set in its auctions rooms. The general collector group is expanding and maturing, while collector taste is continuously improving.

Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
Senior Specialist / General Head - Guo Tong

Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Senior Specialist / General Manager - Luan Jingli
Senior Specialist / Senior Manager - Peng Xiangyang
Manager - Hu Ying

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
General Manager - Dai Wei
Senior Manager - Zhou Mingzhao
Manager - Wang Li

Tel: 65182315 ext 6703

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