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Lot No. 1271
Artist: Ye Yongqing (b.1958)

Series: China Guardian HK 2016 Autumn Auctions
Session: 20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art
Size: 110 x 150 cm
Dynasty: People's Republic of China (1949-)
Estimate: HKD 180,000-280,000
Price Realized: Unsold

Painted in 2001;Acrylic on canvas;Signed in Chinese and Pinyin on lower right;Ye Yongqing(b.1958)Ye Yong-qing was influenced by Western modernism at an early stage, and changed to an experimental creative style from Southwest landscape painting. Whether they are collages of various materials or graffiti-styled oil painting, Ye’s works seemed to be differentiated from the then popular nativist realism, thus creating a unique artistic language.Posture, which is created in 2006, is the artistic presentation of Ye’s yet another self-exploration. Its clean, simple composition and interlacing lines remind one of American artist Cy Twombly’s signature series Untitled. As an important power in the ‘85 New Wave Movement’ of art, Ye has been deeply influenced by Robert Rauschenberg (who visited China in 1980’s and held an exhibition)and pop art, and advocated ‘fun above being correct’ in art. Posture features repeated graffiti lines, which is Ye’s tribute to Cy Twombly and artists of that era.Posture has clean, powerful brushes and crisp lines, which are independent yet interlacing each other, faithfully showing the artist’s self-exploration during art creation. This makes Posture a classic ‘back to basics’ piece of work, showing innocence after sophistication, like a future conjured from an ongoing present.

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