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Lot No. 1283
Artist: Huang Yishan (b.1983)

Series: China Guardian HK 2016 Autumn Auctions
Session: 20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art
Size: 80 x 60 cm
Dynasty: People's Republic of China (1949-)
Estimate: HKD 100,000-150,000
Price Realized: HKD 118,000

Painted in 2015;Mixed media on board;Signed in Pinyin and dated on reverse;HUANG YISHAN(b.1983)“I made some good friends when small and we always tease each other. Few years ago, they started mocking me that I had to create 100 paintings as a price to pay. To me, such an unproductive artist, creating 100 paintings is an unreachable goal. As you imagine, it takes me 2 months to complete one work. How long would I take if I start to paint them separately? From 2007 – 2015, I finished 100 pieces of works in 9-year time. The quantity doesn’t sound that terrific if you give a second thought, however, these paintings took up all of my reflection time in the last 9 years.”-Excerpt from Memoirs, Huang YishanHuang Yishan: Reflection at an EaselSketch Easel is one of my favorite subject matters, this helps me rethink the questions of paintings though depicting the creation scene”. In the work of Sketch Easel, Huang, deploying the same concept of the master’s self-portraiture, reconstructs the real working scene with the combination of real world objects, putting wooden structures, tiles and mixed materials together. The scene, real yet absurd, seems illogical. The artist, however, reflects his deep thoughts towards the creation by placing the blade on the easel in the piece, metaphorizing his uncertainty. “Expressionism is a difficult theme to handle and easy to lost oneself in it. The blade, as a reminder, is the analogy.”Sketch Easel represents Huang’s creations in the last 9 years and condenses his unique artistic language. The use of woods, tiles and paints as the medium conveys the artist’s emotions and feelings as well as his cynicism.

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