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HK 2014 Autumn Auction raised HKD 343m

Customers at the auction roomChina Guardian HK 2014 Autumn Auction successfully ended with a total of HKD 343m on Oct 7, 2014. Hu Yanyan, president of China Gua……view more >>

China Guardian warns of fraud

As the art market rapidly grows, an increasing number of investors are joining this market. China Guardian warns collectors and investors against frauds.China G……view more >>

Centuries-old furniture withstands the test of time

A pair of huanghuali chairs on display at the Ming furniture exhibition held in Beijing's 798 art zone An ongoing exhibition displays Ming furniture in modern……view more >>

39th China Guardian Quarterly Auction raises 177 million yuan

The 39th China Guardian Quarterly Auction successfully ended with a total of 177 million yuan ($28.84 million) in the kitty on Sept 23, 2014.Chinese painting a……view more >>

HK 2014 Autumn Auction Ready to start in October

China Guardian (Hong Kong) Autumn Auctions 2014 will be held on Oct 6-7, with a preview on Oct 4-5 in the ballroom of the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong.……view more >>

Beijing to host 39th quarterly auctions

The 39th quarterly auctions are scheduled to run in Beijing on Sept. 20 – 23, 2014, with a preview on 17-19 Sept.……view more >>

38th China Guardian Quarterly Auctions earn 84.1 million yuan

The 38th China Guardian Quarterly Auctions ended with a total of 84.1387 million yuan on June 22.……view more >>

China Guardian plans to collect items globally for autumn sales

A specialist team will embark on a new journey in late June, crossing the Pacific Ossian and Atlantic Ossian, to collect items for the China Guardian Autumn Auction.……view more >>

Masterpieces featured at the 38th China Guardian Quarterly Auctions

The 38th China Guardian Quarterly Auctions will run on June 21-22 at the Convention Center at the Beijing International Hotel, and will be previewed on June 18-20. The popular and well-supported event will contain a total of over 3,200 pieces of art.……view more >>

Guardian Fine Art Asia exhibition launches at Beijing Fair

The first Guardian Fine Art Asia (GFAA) cultural and art design exhibition was officially launched at the third China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (Beijing Fair) on May 28, 2014.……view more >>

2014 Spring Stamps and Coins Auctions brought in 31.8 million yuan

The 2014 Spring Stamps and Coins Auctions fell under the hammer on the evening on May 25, 2014, which announced the end of the China Guardian 2014 spring sales, with total gross sales of 2.25 billion yuan.……view more >>

China Guardian 2014 Spring Auctions earn RMB 2.22 billion

The popular and well-prepared China Guardian 2014 spring auctions fell under the hammer on May 20, 2014, bringing in 2.22 billion yuan from a four-day auction.……view more >>

Spring Auctions Set for May 17-20

China Guardian is gearing up for another round of spring auctions, which will take place May 17-20 at the Beijing International Hotel.……view more >>

Qi Baishi art to hit spring auction market

A collection from the prestigious artist Qi Baishi will go under the hammer at the 2014 China Guardian Spring Auctions, May 14 - 21.……view more >>

China Guardian boosts Guangzhou presence

In a move to boost its domestic presence, China Guardian launched its Guangzhou office on April 19.……view more >>

HK Spring Auctions Take in HKD 347M

The Hong Kong spring auctions, which began April 7, took in HKD 347M in a thee-day period.……view more >>

37th Quarterly Auctions Earn 252 Million Yuan

The 37th quarterly auctions ended March 25, bringing in 252 million yuan in a four-day period.……view more >>

HK 2014 Spring Auctions Ready to Start in April

China Guardian (HK) Auctions 2014 Spring Auctions will be held on 6 – 9 April 2014 (Viewing: 6-7 April; Auction: 7 April afternoon-9 April) at the Ballroo……view more >>

Exhibitions Highlight Chinese Furniture and Oil Paintings

Chinese oil paintings and ancient furniture will be shown at two different exhibitions at the Today Art Museum.
……view more >>

37th Quarterly Auctions Begin March 22

China Guardian has announced that the 37th quarterly auctions will begin March 22 in Beijing, with about 6,000 top-quality items on offer during the four-day sa……view more >>

China Guardian: 2013 in review

China Guardian has announced its auction sales for 2013 reached 6.55 billion yuan, up 26.8% from the previous year.
……view more >>

China Guardian (Beijing) and China Guardian (Hong Kong) Launch Consignment Campaign

China Guardian (Beijing) and China Guardian (Hong Kong) Launch Consignment Campaign……view more >>

36th Quarterly Auctions Raise RMB 112m

The two-day 36th quarterly auctions, which ended on Dec. 15, brought in 112 million yuan.
……view more >>

Beijing hosts 36th quarterly auctions

The 36th quarterly auctions are scheduled to run from Dec. 14 - 15 in Beijing, with over 3,000 items going under the hammer, said China Guardian.……view more >>

Stamp and Coin Auctions Bring Total Sales of the Fall Season to RMB 2.4 Billion

The stamp and coin auctions, which ended on Nov. 24, raked in about 50 million yuan, bringing the total sales of the auction fall season to 2.4 billion yuan.……view more >>
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