China Guardian Opens Its Quarterly Auctions This June

  Updated: 2013-06-07 Source: China Guardian  

China Guardian, one of the mainland’s oldest auction houses, will raise the curtain on its 34th quarterly auction June 15, with about 1,500 Chinese calligraphic and painting works, and 1,800 pieces of porcelain and other art up for grabs at the two-day sale.

Chinese calligraphy and paintings
This auction will take place over five events, with about 1,500 modern and contemporary pieces on offer.

潘天寿 兰竹图.jpg

Orchid and Bamboo by Pan Tianshou (1886-1971)

齐白石 秋光山居图.jpg

Landscape, a 1938 painting by Qi Baishi (1864-1957)

The modern pieces from private collectors include about 70 from Shanghai-school artists, such as Xie Zhiliu (1910-1997), Chen Peiqiu (b. 1922), Zhang Dazhuang (1903-1980), and Wang Geyi (1897-1988), with the focus less on the symbolism and more on the visual content. One of the highlights is Orchid and Bamboo, by Pan Tianshou (1886-1971), which was completed in 1962 as a gift to his friend, Deng Bai (b. 1906), a specialist in Chinese porcelain and Gongbi painting. Other highlights are works by Sun Chuanfang (1885-1935), Cao Rulin (1877-1966), Chen Qimei (1878-1916) and other celebrities of the early 20th century.

齐白石 借山图.jpg

Character and Landscape by Qi Baishi (1864-1957)

There will be another 80 pieces at the Molanshanfang Collection sale, on June 15, including many iconic pieces by Qi Baishi (1864-1957), whose paintings have fetched record prices in China, for example, Landscape, a 1938 painting noted for its simple lines and tight composition, which expresses the artist’s desire for peace and security at a time when China was in a state of social unrest and external threats.

In Qi’s Character and Landscape, presumably produced when he was in his 60s, an old man walks past a lonely house surrounded by high mountains and pine trees, and it is unique because later in life the artist shifted to mice, shrimps, or birds and nature.

Other works on offer are from Bai Xueshi, Cheng Shifa, Lu Yanshao, Tian Shiguang, Wang Xuetao, Zhou Sicong, Peng Xiancheng, Chen Dazhang and Shi Guoliang.

As for the 200 contemporary pieces, many were produced by established artists, including Wang Mingming, Han Meilin, Feng Dazhong, Long Rui, Zhao Wei, Wang Xijing, Tang Yongli and Tian Liming and could increase in market value as collectors increase their holdings of contemporary calligraphy and paintings.

There will be about 460 classical calligraphic works and paintings, including Landscape by Lv Huancheng (b. 1630), Character and Landscape by Liu Yanchong (1807-1847), and Landscape by the Qing Dynasty painter, Lan Meng.

明宣德 青花折枝花果纹斗笠碗.jpg

Landscape by Lv Huancheng (b. 1630)

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