Autumn Auctions Raise RMB 2.35 Billion

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China Guardian’s autumn auctions ended Nov. 20, bringing in a total gross of RMB 2.35 billion during the five-day period.

China Guardian had collected items from around the world for the fall season, and they were quite satisfied with the results, said Wang Yannan, director and president of the auction house. “During the sales, important works were in demand and many record prices were reached. We hope the stable market performance will send a positive message to the entire art market this fall. ”


The 450 items from the collection of Wang Shixiang, a prestigious Chinese artist and collector, brought in RMB 55 million. Highlights included a Huanghuali lute table from the Ming Dynasty (RMB 5.2 million), and a large huali painting table with solid board top, a footstool and a surface board table (RMB 12.7 million).

The sales also featured gourds and pigeon whistles recorded in his publications along with ancient books collected or duplicated by him. Three official katydid gourd molds from the Qing Dynasty sold for RMB 1 million, while the book Li Ming Zhong Ying Zao Fa Shi (李明仲营造法式) fetched an impressive RMB 897,000.


With more than 90 percent of the 1,600 works sold, the Chinese calligraphy and paintings category brought in a total of RMB 1.6 billion, with many record prices created during the sales, especially in the Grand View series, amounting to 600 billion yuan.

董邦达 葛洪山八景.jpg

Dong Bangda's Eight Scenery Landscapes sold for RMB 51 million.

Eight Scenery Landscapes, by Dong Bangda from the Qing Dynasty, sold for RMB 51 million, a record price for Dong’s. Twenty-Four, a calligraphy piece by Gong Xian from the early Qing Dynasty, fetched RMB 26.5 million.

Other high-selling items included Pan Tianshou’s Lotus by West Lake and Guo Moruo’s Lyrics by Mao Tse-tung in Running Script. They went for RMB 40.3 million and RMB 14.3 million, respectively.

徐悲鸿 驯马图.jpg

Xu Beihong’s Dragging a Horse sold for RMB 11.7 million.

范曾 鲁达神威图.jpg

Fan Zheng's Legendary Lu Da fetched RMB 5.2 million.

Of the nine sales from private collections, three were completely sold by the lot. Top final bidding included Xu Beihong’s Dragging a Horse (RMB 11.7 million) and Fu Baoshi’s Musicians (RMB 8.5 million).

Highlights of classical and contemporary pieces were Legendary Lu Da by Fan Zheng and Calligraphy after Cai Xiang by the Qianlong Emperor from the Qing Dynasty, which went for RMB 5.2 million and RMB 9.4 million, respectively.


Selections of porcelain, furniture and artworks altogether earned RMB 409 million.

Fetching the highest bid was a shoushan tianhuang stone square seal with a taishi shaoshi knob. The bidding started at RMB 5 million and concluded at a handsome RMB 11.2 million.

Another lot, a rare Ming-style doucai 'dragon' jar and cover from the Qing Dynasty sold for RMB 5.2 million. Three carved 'dragon' white jade seals sold for RMB 2.9 million, and Sadakshari Avalokiteshvara acquired RMB 5.7 million, the highest winning bid for the Buddha figure sales.

清雍正 斗彩龙纹盖罐.jpg

A rare Ming-style doucai 'dragon' jar and cover from the Qing Dynasty sold for RMB 5.2 million

As for classical furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, the top lot was a zitan hanging panel with precious inlay, which went for RMB 10.1 million.

Among the high-selling artwork was a pail of round tea by Fu Yuanchang (RMB 10.4 million); a shoushan tianhuang stone in low relief for display (RMB 4.1 million); and Mulan Joins Army, a famille-rose porcelain square brush pot which sold for RMB 5.2 million, a bit higher than its original starting price of RMB 3.8 million.


靳尚谊 塔吉克新娘.jpg

Jin Shangyi's Tajik Bride fetched 85.1 million yuan.

丘堤 幽色在野.jpg

Schudy's Wild Chrysanthemums sold for RMB 5.3 million.

The Chinese oil paintings and sculptures category earned another 225 million yuan.

Tajik Bride by Chinese artist Jin Shangyi became the most expensive oil painting ever sold at an auction by China Guardian after it fetched 85.1 million yuan ($13.97 million) on November 16. The winning bid also marked a record price for Jin’s works.

Wild Chrysanthemums by Schudy, one of China’s first generation female oil painters, sold for RMB 5.3 million, the highest price ever paid for one of her paintings. In addition, Wu Guanzhong’s A Dream of the Shenyuan Garden fetched RMB 14.4 million.

While works from the Chinese masters fetched notable amounts, equally impressive were the high prices fetched by works from younger artists. Liu Ye’s Il Riassunto sold for RMB 9.4 million, and Shang Yang’s Great Landscape with Sunshine #3 sold for RMB 3.6 million.

In addition, the Inspirational Art and Design sale were well-recognized among the collectors as part of China Guardian’s efforts to “introduce art and design into life.” That particular auction brought in RMB 4 million.

Highlights included Reading Corner, a joint work by Italian designer Roberto Lazzeroni and the furniture brand Ceccotti, which sold for RMB 943,000. By the Side of Jialing River, a modern Chinese lacquer painting by the prominent artist Qiao Shiguang, sold for RMB 437,000.


The ancient books and rubbings category earned RMB 56 million in five auctions.

From 1.8 million yuan, Lu Xun’s Letters to Tao Kangde soared to RMB 6.6 million, while Li Dazhao’s Letters to Wu Ruonan sold for RMB 4.1 million while starting out at RMB 1.5 million.

Other striking final bids went to Qin Ding Xi Qing Gu Jian (钦定西清古鉴) from the Qing Dynasty (RMB 322,000), and a Patek Philippe platinum automatic annual calendar chronograph wristwatch that went for RMB 552,000.

百达翡丽Patek Philippe年历计时码腕表,型号5961P.jpg

A Patek Philippe platinum automatic annual calendar chronograph wristwatch went for RMB 552,000.


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