China Guardian 2016 Spring Auctions to kick off

  Updated: 2016-04-06 Source: China Guardian  

The China Guardian 2016 Spring Auctions will be held from May 11 - 18 (preview from May 11 - 13; auctions from May 14 - 18) at the Beijing International Hotel in Beijing.

The auctions will include the categories of Chinese paintings and calligraphy, 20th century art, contemporary art, porcelains, furniture, works of arts, manuscripts, stamps, and coins. It is going to be a cultural feast for collectors all over the world.

The itinerant exhibitions of the 2016 spring auctions will also begin at the end of April. Please follow the latest news on our official wechat account.

Here is some information about the schedule of the auctions and itinerant exhibitions.

China Guardian 2016 Spring Auctions
Date of preview: May 11 - 13
Date of auctions: May 14  - 18
Address: Beijing International Hotel

China Guardian 2016 Spring Itinerant Exhibitions
Date of Jinan itinerant exhibition: April 23 - 24
Address: Hyatt Recency Jinan

Date of Shanghai itinerant exhibition: April 23 - 24
Address: Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

China Guardian Hong Kong 2015 Spring Auctions
Date of preview: May 27 - 28
Date of auctions: May 29 - 31
Address: JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

Here is a list some items that may interest you.

A copy of landscape painting, Ju Ran Qing Xi Dai Du Tu, created by Wang Jian
211 × 99 cm

A classical Chinese painting, Gao Ge Qing Hua, created by Huang Binhong
45 × 126 cm

A portrait painting, Shan Gui, created by Fu Baoshi
134 × 67 cm

An oil painting, New Paris, created by Wu Guanzhong
91 × 73 cm


A gilded statue of Sakyamuni
Height: 14.3 cm

A pumpkin shaped kettle, made during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty
Width: 17.8 cm


A pair of ebony chairs from early Qing Dynasty
57.5 x 43.8 x 96 cm



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