China Guardian’s 47th quarterly auction provides online bidding service for all sections

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China Guardian will provide real time online bidding service for all sections for the first time in its upcoming 47th quarterly auction in September. The service aims to make it convenient for more collectors and bidders to engage in the auction.

Participants only need cash deposit of 20,000 yuan ($3,000) and can attend the 11 real time online sections offering 4,000 lots.

Registration started at 10 a.m. on Sept 18, 2016 and bidders need to register 24 hours before the auction. China Guardian’s official website,, is available for you to register for the online bidding.

The 47th auction will have a preview on Sept 21-23 and start officially on Sept 24-26 at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center. The lots include Chinese painting and calligraphy, porcelain, works of art and furniture, Buddha statues, rare books, rubbings and manuscripts.

Chinese painting and calligraphy

1,600 pieces of Chinese paintings and calligraphy will be presented at the auction, covering works from modern, contemporary and ancient times.

The modern works include Zhang Daqian’s Landscape, which he finished when he was 81 years old, and Huang Zhou’s Girl and Sheep.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 张大千.jpg

Zhang Daqian’s Landscape, 66×117cm

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 黄胄.jpg

Huang Zhou’s Girl and Sheep, 125 × 59 cm

Chen Yupu’s works, which aesthetically convey the spirit of Zen, will be specially presented this time.

Reflecting the superb classical painting skills in ancient China, paintings, such as Song Xu’s Landscape and Fan Yun’s Landscape, bear more interesting looks.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 陈玉圃.jpg

Chen Yupu’s  Landscape, 96 × 179 cm

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 樊云.jpg

Fan Yun’s Landscape, 124 × 72 cm



1,800 lots will be shown in four special, separate sections: "Porcelain", "Arts from the Scholar's Studio", "For the Enjoyment of Scholars" and "Jade and Works of Art".

The porcelain ware is from private or state-owned collections in 11 cities and provinces, covering works from the pre-Ming and Qing dynasties and the period from 1911-1949.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 国有.jpg

 State-owned cultural relics store collections

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 苏州.jpg

Private collections from Suzhou province

The seals, such as Lot 4802 and Lot 4083, are extremely catchy.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 田黄(0).jpg

Lot 4802, Qing Dynasty, Tianhuang stone seal

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 沈悫.jpg

Lot 4083, the Republic of China, Tianhuang stone seal

And series of Buddhist art work with various styles highlight the auction, among which, Lot 5023, a gold-plated bronze Buddha statue, is very precious. The other bamboo and bronze ware are also both nice decorations and collections.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 铜鎏金.jpg

Lot 5023, a gold-plated bronze Buddha statue

Jade ware includes jewelry and art works. Lot 5283 and Lot 5780 are two exquisite works.

 20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 碧玉.jpg

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 洗.jpg

Lot 5283, Qing Dynasty, a jade brush washer

Rare books and rubbings

The 47th quarterly auction will provide 663 pieces of rare books and rubbings.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 历朝.jpg

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 金文.jpg

Lot 3016, Jin Wen Ji Ta Ben, 19 × 30.5 cm


Works of art and furniture

The 130 lots in this section cover traditional firewood furniture, Huanghuali wood furniture, Tibet traditional furniture and gold and silver pots from private collectors.

20160909 打破时空瓶颈 传递至美珍品 官帽椅.jpg

Lot 3705, Qing Dynasty, a pair of high continuous yoke-back armchairs


China Guardian 47th Quarterly Auction
Preview: Sept 21-23
Auction: Sept 24-26
Venue: Beijing International Hotel, Convention Center
Lots: Chinese painting and calligraphy, porcelain, furniture, rare books

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