China Guardian Hong Kong 2016 Autumn Auctions

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After two days exhibitions and two days auctions, China Guardian Hong Kong 2016 Autumn Auctions presented 8 sessions of over 1000 beautiful art pieces, and have successfully completed with the total sales of 338 million Hong Kong dollars.

Through worldwide consignments, China Guardian (Hong Kong) managed to bring together various types of art objects from all over the world, including Chinese paintings and calligraphy, oil paintings, Chinese ceramics, jade and furniture. Reliable and traceable sources and profound backgrounds of these collections contributed to reasonable valuations.


The success of this Autumn Auction relied on the support from our friends old and new. Not only we had biddings from local collectors here in Hong Kong, newly merged buyers from Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, The US, Australia and other countries also bided actively. For example, the top seller of this Auction, “Literatis in Lanting” by Fu Baoshi broke the personal record of this type of paintings. This masterpiece from the collection of a French diplomat, attracted biddings from more than ten collectors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and North America.


The Rare and Important Ming Blue and White 'Dragon' Bowl which was acquired by Bluett & Sons, a London antique dealer collected from the original collector, General Haughton in 1948. Later on, Gertrude and Otto Harriman(1948-1970) acquired it from Bluett and Sons, until recently, it has remained within the family collection. In this auction, it was successfully acquired by a local collector of 13.95 million Hong Kong dollars.


To conclude this Autumn Auction, on behalf of China Guardian (Hong Kong), we’d like to take the opportunity to express our gratefulness to all our friends, buyers and collectors, and we sincerely looking forward to seeing you again in China Guardian Hong Kong Spring Auctions 2017.



Lot 141

Fu Baoshi

Literatis in Lanting

Price Realized: HKD 30,430,000


Lot 675

A Rare and Important Blue and White ‘Dragon’ Bowl, Bo

Ming dynasty, Xuande Mark and Period

Price Realized: HKD13,950,000


Lot 469

Bian Wenyu

The Depths of Winter

Price Realized: HKD1,180,000


Lot 1279

Zhang Enli

No Solution

Price Realized: HKD 3,068,000


Lot 474

Tang Yin

Spiritism Poem

Price Realized:HKD 11,305,000


Lot 1318

A Pair of Huanghuali Southern Official's Hat Armchairs

Late Ming/Early Qing Period

Price Realized: HKD6,130,000


Lot 460

Fang Shishu

Landscape in Old Masters' Style

Price Realized: HKD2,950,000


Lot 876

A Famille Rose Rectangular Plaque Signed Wang Qi

Republic Period, Inscription with Renshen Cyclical Date, Corresponding to 1932

Price Realized: HKD1,829,000


Lot 471

Gao Fenghan

Album of Peonies

Price Realized: HKD6,015,000


Lot 1321

Late Ming/Early Qing Period

A Pair of Huanghuali Armchairs

Price Realized: HKD2,419,000


Lot 13

Zhang Daqian

A Beauty with Indian Sari

Price Realized:HKD7,625,000


Lot 147

Zhang Daqian

Return of Fishing Boats

Price Realized:HKD 21,425,000


Lot 17

Lin Fengmian

Two Ladies in Garden

Price Realized:HKD4,956,000


Lot 1328

An Inlaid Zitan Table Screen

Daoguang Period

Price Realized: HKD2,183,000


Lot 78

Shao Lizi, Zhang Shizhao

Letter to Li Zongren

Price Realized:HKD 2,655,000


Lot 682

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

A Fine and Rare Gongxian Green Marble-Glazed Pillow

Price Realized: HKD 849,600


Lot 473

Tang Ying

Mountain in Autumn

Price Realized:HKD 23,150,000


Lot 702

A Carved CizhouI Black-Glazed 'Peony' Vase

Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127)

Price Realized: HKD1,357,000


Lot 467

Wang Hui

Landscape in the Style of Jiang Can

Price Realized: HKD 9,465,000


Lot 1153

Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period (1736-1795)

A Finely Carved Yellow and Russet Jade 'Three Rams'

Price Realized: HKD731,600


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