Online bidding available for 24 sessions of China Guardian 2016 Autumn Auctions

  Updated: 2016-11-13 Source: China Guardian  

China Guardian 2016 Autumn Auctions will kick off in the near future. In order to better serve the collectors, we are going to offer real time online bidding service. Since the first attempt of online bidding in China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions, our service has greatly improved with large coverage.

The autumn auctions of this year will offer online bidding services for 24 sessions, including “Focus on Private Collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy”, "Ming and Qing Ceramics Jades and Works of Art”, "Modern and Contemporary Porcelain”.

The channel for real time online bidding has opened on China Guardian official website ( at 10 am on Nov 7, 2016. Anyone wish to bid online, please register on our website 24 hours ahead of the auctions and pay for a cash deposit of 20,000 yuan and above.


China Guardian 2016 Autumn Auctions
Preview: Nov 9-11
Auctions: Nov 12-16

Here lists the information of the 24 sessions with online bidding available.

1. The category of Chinese painting an calligraphy

11-12       09:30     Focus on Private Collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
11-12       14:00     Letters and Notes by Zhang Boju from 1977 – 1982
11-12       14:00    Exquisite Selection: Album Collection from Renmiaoxuan Studio
11-12       14:00    Tao of Shanghai Style: Chinese Painting and in Haipai School
11-12       14:00    Three Genius: Paintings by Lin Fengmian, Guan Liang and Ding Yanyong
11-14       07:30    Contemporary Chinese Painting


2. The category of porcelain and wine
11-12      09:30      Fine and Rare Kweichou Mou-tai Chiew
11-12      13:30      Ming and Qing Ceramics Jades and Works of Art
11-12      13:30      Fine and Rare Wines of the World
11-13      09:30      Modern and Contemporary Porcelain
11-13     11:00      Master’ s Collection: Contemporary Jade Carvings
11-13     16:00     400 Years of Yixing Zisha Pottery


3. The category of furniture and works of art
11-12      19:30     Qingning - Modern and Contemporary Seal Art
11-13      14:00     Memories of the Past: Scholar’ s Studio Objects
11-13     15:30      Pristine Reflection: Scholar’ s Studio Artistic Life


4. The category of rare books and manuscripts
11-14      09:30     Rare Books and Rubbing Books
11-14     13:30      Letters and Manuscripts
11-14     16:00      Literati Gathering in the Red Chamber


5. The category of coin and stamps
11-13      13:30      Manuscript and Autograph
11-15      13:30      Stamp and Cover
11-15      13:30     Gold and Silver Antique
11-15      15:00      Ancient Coin and Sycee
11-16      09:30      Banknote


- The above 24 sessions are available on online bidding.
- Anyone wish to bid online, please abide by the Regulations on Online Bidding. For more details, please visit our official website(
- Anyone wish to bid online, please register on our website ( 24 hours ahead of the auctions.
- Please feel free to consult our Customer Service Department.






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