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About China Guardian

What sorts of things are sold at China Guardian?
China Guardian sells: Chinese paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, works of art and furniture, Chinese oil paintings and sculptures, rare books, stamps and coins, fine jewelry,bronzes mirrors and wine.

What types of auctions are held at China Guardian?
China Guardian conducts two types of auctions on a regular basis: spring and autumn auctions, as well as a quarterly auction series.

Where do the items you auction come from?
Most of the items come from private collectors and professionals. China Guardian launches consignment campaigns every year to attract potential sellers.

Who can attend a China Guardian auction?
China Guardian auctions are open to the public, including collectors, professionals and casual audiences. You are always welcome to attend China Guardian auctions whether or not you intend to bid.

Is there any guarantee with the auction items?
No, there is no guarantee for the items. Items for auction are sold as is, and you can inspect the items yourself in the course of live previews prior to the auction.



How do I find out when an auction will take place?
China Guardian publishes an auction schedule for the year online. For more information, please browse Auction Calendar.

How do I purchase an auction catalogue?
A catalogue is published in print two weeks prior to the auction and can be purchased in the catalogue orders page of our website or by contacting the departments in charge of the sale.

Can I inspect the items of interest prior to the auction?
Of course. Previews are usually scheduled three or four days prior to the auction, and you can view and conduct all inspections of the items that will be available for sale.

Do I need to register to place a bid?
You have to register and get a paddle affixed with a number prior to the auction.
To register as a bidder, you must prove your identity with a valid identity card, passport or other certificate.

What is Guarantee Money?
China Guardian will charge Guarantee Money before you receive the paddle. The amount of guarantee money will be announced before the auction.
Please note that if you fail in the auction, all the guarantee money will be refunded; if you are the winning bidder, the money will automatically be deposited as part of the purchase price.

What is a Hammer Price?
Hammer Price means the amount of the highest bid that indicates the conclusion of the auction. It will be confirmed by the auctioneer dropping the hammer or in any other public manner to indicate the completion of a deal.

What is a Buyer’s Premium?
In auction, a Buyer’s Premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price of the item that must be paid by the buyer.
The Buyer’s Premium in China Guardian is 15 percent of the hammer price.

Can I participate if I am unable to attend the auction in person?
If you want to bid but are unable to attend the auction, you can choose the Absentee Bid Service offered by China Guardian, in which you register your bid “in the book” and China Guardian bids on your behalf, but China Guardian will not be held responsible for error or failure to execute the bid(s).

Am I able to bid online?

Sorry, the service is not available now. But you can watch a live broadcast of the auction online.

How do I bid?
To bid in the auction, you need to hold up your paddle. The auctioneer will see you, take your bid and turn to seek another bid.
If another bid is received, the auctioneer will return to you to ask if you want to bid again.

If my bid is successful, do I need to pay any money immediately?
Purchases should be paid for within 30 days, not including the day of sale. All purchases must be paid for in full.

What if I win an auction and decide not to pay?
If you don’t pay within 30 days, you will lose your Guarantee Money and may be sued for any damages caused by your breach of contract.

When can I collect the items?
You can collect the items as long as the auction is completed and full payment of your invoice has been received by China Guardian.


How do I sell my item at China Guardian auctions?
You can contact the nearest branch office and bring the item there for closer examination. You may have to provide as much information as possible about the item, so that China Guardian can give an informed appraisal.

What is a Reserve?
A Reserve refers to the lowest price of the item raised by you. It has to be confirmed with China Guardian in the consignment contract.

What is Automatic Insurance?
All items you consign to China Guardian will be automatically covered under the insurance applied by China Guardian as soon as you sign the consignment contract and deliver the item.
The insurance amount will be based on the Reserve agreed in the consignment contract.

What is Proceeds of Sale?
The Proceeds of Sale means the net amount owed to the seller from the Hammer Prices after deducting commission pro rata, taxes and all expenses and other amounts.

Can I not choose Automatic Insurance?
Yes. You can notify China Guardian in writing not to apply insurance for the item. In such case, you undertake all the risks and liabilities.

What if I want to withdraw the item?
You have to notify China Guardian in writing prior to the auction. You may have to pay 10 percent or 20 percent of the insurance amount of the item depending on whether or not the item has been printed by China Guardian in the catalogue or any other public materials.

What if the item is not sold?
If the item does not sell, you can take back the item within 30 days after receipt of China Guardian’s notice, and pay the packing charges and cartage, as well as fees for failed auction and all other expenses.

Can I bid for the item that I consign?
No. You are not allowed to bid for the item consigned by yourself, or authorize any other person to bid for the item.

When will I be paid if the item is sold?
You will receive payment 35 days later after the auction date, assuming the buyer makes full payment to China Guardian.
If China Guardian does not receive the full payment from the buyer upon the expiry of the payment period, China Guardian will pay the Sale Proceeds to you within 7 working days after receipt of full payment from the buyer.

How do I find out the results of an auction?
To get more information about the results, you can browse Results online.

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